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DOT Services:

FMCSA Random Consortium:

    -Every quarter we do the random pulls in accordance with the DOT Regulations. We contact every DOT client and request a list of their driver names. Then once we have all the names, we use a computer program to randomly select drivers for drug and/or alcohol testing. We send the clients the names of the drivers and give a span of 2 1/2 months to get their chosen driver(s) in for random testing to be in compliance with DOT Regulations.

    - We provide all certificates needed and required by DOT showing participation in a Random Pull.

    -We keep a record of all DOT test completed in our office, in case it is needed by the DOT during an audit of a client.

    -We have 2 certified DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing employees.

    -Yearly statistics kept on record for each client, as well as the whole FMCSA Consortium.
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